Location: Central Region, United States

A Fully independent XRPL Tracking Node powered by PHOBOS

Solstice provides one of the first Ripple-verified validators publicly available on the XRP Ledger, clustered safely behind our public-facing XRPL Tracking node. Powered by PHOBOS, our tracking node is safe, secure, and fully-independent of any institution or corporate interest. Entities can use our tracking node for ledger lookups, websocket queries, or submission of transactions to the XRPL. Users can have confidence that their transactions will always be free of censorship and without the network latency or throughput issues other tracking node providers suffer from.

Want to add our Ripple-verified PHOBSONODE.COM validator to your UNL?
Simply add our public validation key:


Real Time XRPL Statistics from Tracking Node: PHOBOSNODE.COM

Want to see our PHOBOS-powered Tracking Node in action?   Check out these graphical metrics below!