Peer HOsted Blockchain Operation Services: The PHOBOS Platform by Solstice

Solstice has been actively developing a set of tools and architectural server foundations for the XRP Ledger and associated technologies since 2016. Continuously evolving, this set of core servers, services, and administration tools have coalesced into a unified platform Solstice has branded as PHOBOS.

Our platform provides access to the emerging Internet of Value, whereby sending payments is easy and transparent, and without exorbitant fees the current payment rails employ. PHOBOS delivers access to the XRP Ledger, Codius Contract Hosting, the revolutionary streaming of micro-payments via Interledger, and so much more.

PHOBOS is the unified platform enabling the Internet of Value.

Be sure to check back soon for some exciting anouncements regarding Solstice and the PHOBOS platform!