Solstice Service Availability Notifications for the PHOBOS Platform

Solstice Service Notice for May 15th, 2019 13:00 UTC
All PHOBOS Platform Services are available without disruption.

Solstice Service Notice for May 13th, 2019 14:00 UTC
All PHOBOS Platform Services were taken down for a short time earlier this morning to address a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that has been steadily increasing over the last few days. During the brief outage, we instituted additional security measures to help mitigate the effects of this DoS attack, as well as actively block the ranges of IP addresses as soon as possible. As far as we can tell, this attack is emanating from source IP ranges of server farm locations in Beijing and Guangdong Province.

We have no apparent motive for these attacks, but will continue to do our best to thwart this effort to both disturb our services and attempt to subvert our security infrastructure.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we actively manage this situation. -- Solstice

Solstice Maintenance COMPLETED - April 8th, 2019 16:00 UTC
All PHOBOS Platform Services are now available

Solstice Maintenance Notice for April 8th, 2019 15:30 UTC
All PHOBOS Platform Services will be offline for a short maintenance period while we apply the latest OS security patches available. Concurrently, we are also using this maintenance period to stage new codebase levels of our PHOBOS platform services in preparation of new enhancements and offerings rolling out in the coming weeks. Expected downtime for this work is approximately 30 minutes.

Solstice Maintenance Notice November 3rd, 2018 00:00 UTC - All PHOBOS Platform Services are online and functioning nominally.

  • AURORA Interledger Service is now enabled for Ethereum (ETH) Payments!!