AURORA is your connection to the Internet of Value

Solstice is proud to provide to the public Tier 1 access to the Interledger network!

As one of the very first Tier 1 Interledger Service Providers (T1 ILSP) we are working hard to help develop this revolutionary open-source payment network. Solstice is devoting the totality of our distributed-computing architecture experience to rapidly scale and promote the integration of Interledger into the mainstream. Watch the Solstice website for updates as we release new integrations and platform tools for both developers and end users of our Tier 1 ILSP.

NEW!   Ethereum Plugin to Interledger has been ENABLED!
Our Aurora Tier 1 ILSP now allows payments to and from the Ethereum blockchain. Currently this plugin is a "BETA" implementation, thus payments to and from the Ethereum blockchain are limited to no more than .15 ETH. As testing commences and the plugin nears production release, Solstice will further fund this connection to allow for larger ETH payments via Interledger. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Want to connect to AURORA? Simply point your MoneyD, Codius, or other Interledger-enabled applications to:

Are you a looking to set up an ILSP, an ILP peer, or need some consultation?

Contact Solstice to discuss planning, installation, and operation of your Tier 1/2 ILSP or ILP enabled application.