Created by the newly-founded developer Coil, Codius Contracts are similar to Ethereum "Smart Contracts" or generically, Decentralized Applications (DApps). Unlike other smart contracts, Codius Contracts can be written in any programming language a developer desires to provide rich application experiences for contract users.

One of the most exciting features however, is the inherent use of the Interledger network to receive streaming micro-payments as a Codius contract is used! It is now possible for content and application developers to properly be rewarded for their efforts and contributions.

This revolutionary technology deserves an environment tailored for optimal delivery and end-user experience, and Solstice has answered with VIPER!

Low Latency and Lightning-quick Performance for your distributed Codius applications

Our new hosting service provides dedicated enterprise-class servers in fault-tolerant architectures within the greater PHOBOS platform. Solstice understands developers demand high availability and high performance for their Codius contracts, and Solstice delivers it with our VIPER hosts. Solstice server and application environments feature fiber-optic connectivity to the Internet with ultra-low latency and full Gigabit ingress/egress data throughput. VIPER is the Codius Contract Host that delivers the high performance discerning Codius contract developers demand.

Want to use VIPER for your Codius Contracts? Simply upload your Codius contracts to our host below:


Coming Soon: Real Time VIPER Statistics