PHOBOS: The Unified Platform Enabling the IoV

Solstice provides a customized platform for its Peer HOsted Blockchain Operation Services, we call PHOBOS. Continuously evolving and engineered by Solstice for the ability to scale securely while maintaining high performance, it also offers ease of use and administration of all underlying platform services.

PHOBOS  comprises a unified set of containerized services allowing for access to, and delivery of, the emerging Internet of Value. It can be easily deployed in almost any chosen server environment in little more than 5 minutes!  PHOBOS is the perfect foundation for developers looking to write new blockchain applications, or by enterprises wanting a fast yet premium base of services for production use.

Watch the Solstice website for some upcoming announcements regarding PHOBOS !

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VIPER: Codius Contract Hosting Service

NEW SERVICE!     VIPER CODIUS CONTRACT HOSTING   Solstice is proud to provide Codius Contract Host services for developers and e-commerce sites. Created by Coil, Codius smart contracts run in segregated, containerized "pods" that are capable of providing rich appication experiences for their users. Most exciting however, is that these applications can send and receive micro-transactions via streaming payments across the Interledger network! As a component of our PHOBOS platform, Codius contract performance and availability is ensured, with access to real-time metrics to prove it!

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Aurora: Tier 1 Interledger Service Provider

NEW SERVICE!     AURORA ILSP    The newest component of our growing PHOBOS platform. We are proud to be an official Tier 1 Interledger Service Provider (ILSP) for this revolutionary micro-value transfer and payment network. Solstice is one of the first Tier 1 ILSPs on the Interledger network, and is available for full public use. Connect your Codius Host, Moneyd client, or any Interledger-enabled applications to Aurora, and join the Internet of Value!

NEW!   Ethereum Plugin to Interledger has been ENABLED!
Our Aurora Tier 1 ILSP now allows payments to and from the Ethereum blockchain. Currently this plugin is a "BETA" implementation, thus payments to and from the Ethereum blockchain are limited to no more than .15 ETH. As testing commences and the plugin nears production release, Solstice will further fund this connection to allow for larger ETH payments via Interledger. Stay tuned for more announcements!

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Ripple Verified Validator and Tracking Nodes

The original PHOBOS service by Solstice. We provide one of the first Ripple-verified Validators on the XRP Ledger. Connect to our tracking node for websocket queries or transaction history lookups, or add our Validator to your UNL. Our PHOBOS-powered nodes are independent of any financial institution or entity, and have earned the trust of our users for their fast, low-latency, and never-censored transactions!

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Real Time Performance Monitoring of PHOBOS Platform Services

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Solstice is an independent developer / service provider working hard to enable and deliver the Internet of Value! Much of our work and services we provide are free to the public, and delivering these services result in revenue loss. Help fund Solstice and our PHOBOS Platform by donating below. We sincerely thank the community for their continued support!

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